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Playtex Mommyville.ca has propelled a program called M.O.M (mother of the month) where they need to perceive the incredible work that Canadian mothers like us are doing each day (it’s about time ? ). One individual will be picked ever month until December 2020 and will be profiled on the Playtex Mommyville Facebook page and on the Playtex Mommyville site . It is anything but a challenge, it’s gloating rights! The expectations with this program is that the M.O.M (mother of the month) will give useful tidbits that we would all be able to gain from. You should simply address 3 inquiries concerning minutes in parenthood and transfer an image of yourself or yourself with your family .. correct it’s simply that easy!!!! Enter here

On the off chance that you win, I would cherish you to tell me!!!

our doors are always open for you@