Toronto Door Lock Repair Company

Toronto Door Lock Repair Company

Toronto Door Lock Repair Company

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When security is paramount, ensuring that your door locks are functioning perfectly is not just an option—it’s a necessity. For residents and business owners in Toronto, finding a reliable door lock repair company can be the key to maintaining both safety and peace of mind. Here’s why Ontario Door Repair is your top choice for professional lock repair services.

????️ Comprehensive Door Lock Repair Services

At Ontario Door Repair, we understand the urgency and importance of fixing a broken lock. Our team of expert technicians is equipped to handle a variety of repair needs, from simple fixes to complex security upgrades.
Why Choose Us for Your Lock Repair Needs
Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition.
We offer:
Fast Response Times: We’re here when you need us. Our technicians can quickly assess your situation and provide immediate repairs.
Expertise in Various Lock Types: Whether you have traditional deadbolts, electronic keypads, or high-security systems, our team has the knowledge to fix them all.
Affordable Pricing: Get top-notch service without breaking the bank. We provide clear, upfront pricing without any hidden fees.

???? Residential Door Lock Repair

Securing Your Home Home security starts with strong, functioning locks. Our residential lock repair services ensure that your home is protected against intrusions.
Here’s how we can help:
Lock Repair and Replacement: We can repair or replace locks that have been damaged due to wear and tear, attempted break-ins, or other issues.
Security Upgrades: Upgrade your locks to high-security models for enhanced protection.
Emergency Services: Locked out or need urgent repairs? Our emergency services are available 24/7.

???? Commercial Door Lock Repair

Protecting Your Business
For businesses, a broken lock can compromise not only the security of your property but also the safety of your employees and customers. Our commercial lock repair services are designed to address the unique needs of businesses.
Master Key Systems: Streamline your business’s access control with a master key system that allows different levels of access for different staff members.
Access Control Systems: We can repair and install electronic access control systems to enhance your business’s security and operational efficiency.
Regular Maintenance: Avoid unexpected failures with regular maintenance of your locks and security systems.
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Don’t compromise on the security of your property. For reliable door lock repair services in Toronto, contact Ontario Door Repair today:
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???? Phone: (647) 951 3510
???? Website: Visit us
Whether you’re facing an emergency lockout or looking to upgrade your locks, our team is ready to provide the professional assistance you need. Trust Ontario Door Repair for all your lock repair and security needs in Toronto.

????️ Why Choose Our Lock Repair Services?

Our team of skilled locksmiths brings years of experience and expertise to every job, ensuring that your locks are not only functional but also provide maximum security.
Here’s what makes our services stand out:
Quick and Reliable Service
We understand that a broken lock can pose urgent security risks. That’s why we offer fast, reliable services to all our clients, aiming to address your lock issues as quickly as possible without compromising quality.
Comprehensive Solutions for Every Type of Lock Whether it’s a traditional deadbolt, a modern smart lock, or an intricate security system, our technicians are well-equipped to handle any type of lock. We stay updated with the latest technologies and repair techniques to provide you with the best possible service.
Transparent Pricing
We believe in honesty and transparency in all our transactions. Before starting any repair, we provide a detailed quote, explaining all costs involved. This ensures that there are no surprises when the bill comes.

???? Residential Lock Repair Services

Protecting your home is our top priority.
Our residential lock repair services include:
Emergency Lockout Assistance: If you’re locked out of your house, our emergency services are available 24/7 to help you regain access quickly and safely.
Lock Repair and Replacement: From worn-out locks to damage from break-ins, we repair and replace all types of residential locks.
Security Upgrades: Enhance your home security with high-grade locks or additional features like rekeying or master key systems.

???? Commercial Lock Repair Services

Urgent Storefront Door Glass Repair in Toronto

Urgent Storefront Door Glass Repair in Toronto ?

In the bustling city of Toronto, the appearance and security of your storefront can significantly impact your business. A broken door glass not only compromises the safety of your premises but can also deter potential customers. If you’re facing this urgent issue, you’re in need of ASAP service to restore your storefront’s integrity and appeal. ?️?

Why Immediate Repair is Crucial ?

A broken storefront door glass poses several risks:

  • Security Vulnerability: Your business becomes an easy target for theft and vandalism.
  • Safety Hazard: Customers and employees are at risk of injury from broken glass.
  • Business Disruption: A damaged entrance can deter customers, affecting your sales and reputation.

Finding the Right Service in Toronto ?

When searching for “storefront door glass broken need asap service in Toronto,” it’s essential to choose a provider that understands the urgency and has the expertise to address the issue promptly and efficiently.

What to Look For:

  • Rapid Response: A service that offers immediate or same-day repair.
  • Experience: A team skilled in storefront glass repair, ensuring quality and durability.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Services that cover everything from measurement to installation, minimizing downtime for your business.

Urgent Storefront Door Glass Repair in Toronto

Ontario Door Repair: Your Trusted Partner ?

Urgent Storefront Door Glass Repair in Toronto?, call Ontario Doors at 647-951-3510

Urgent Storefront Door Glass Repair in Toronto, At Ontario Door Repair, we specialize in fast and reliable storefront door glass repair services in Toronto. We understand the importance of securing your business and minimizing any disruption to your operations. That’s why we offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service: Our team is ready to respond to your needs around the clock. ?
  • Expert Craftsmanship: With years of experience, we ensure your storefront is restored to its original condition or better. ?
  • Competitive Pricing: Get quality service that fits your budget. ?

Our Process:

  1. Assessment: We quickly assess the damage and provide a transparent quote.
  2. Secure the Area: We ensure the safety of your premises until the repair is complete.
  3. Fast Repair: Our skilled technicians work efficiently to replace your broken door glass, using high-quality materials for lasting results.

Don’t Let a Broken Door Glass Disrupt Your Business ?

A damaged storefront doesn’t have to mean downtime for your business. With Ontario Door Repair, you can expect swift, professional service that gets your Toronto business back on track.

  1. Immediate Response to Storefront Emergencies: Highlighting the importance of quick action when storefront glass is compromised.

  2. The Importance of Professional Glass Repair: Discussing why expert service is crucial for storefront glass repair, focusing on safety, security, and aesthetics.

  3. Securing Your Business Post-Breakage: Offering advice on immediate steps to take following a storefront glass breakage to secure the premises before repair.

  4. Custom Glass Solutions for Your Storefront: Exploring the options for custom glass repair and replacement to enhance the storefront’s appeal and functionality.

  5. Navigating Storefront Repair in Toronto’s Busy Landscape: Tips on how to efficiently handle storefront repair amidst the bustling environment of Toronto.

  6. Preventative Measures to Protect Your Storefront: Advice on how to prevent future glass breakage and maintain the integrity of your storefront.

  7. The Cost of Delaying Storefront Glass Repair: Discussing the potential financial and reputational impacts of not addressing broken storefront glass promptly.

  8. Testimonials: Success Stories of Rapid Repair: Sharing success stories or testimonials from businesses that benefited from quick and efficient storefront glass repair services.

  9. FAQs: Quick Answers to Your Urgent Glass Repair Questions: Providing quick answers to common questions business owners might have about emergency glass repair services.

  10. Contacting the Right Repair Service: What to Look For: Offering guidance on selecting the best glass repair service in Toronto, focusing on reliability, speed, and quality.

Contact Us Now!

For immediate storefront door glass repair, call us at 647-951-3510, email at, or visit our website Ontario Door Repair. Let us help you secure your business today!

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Urgent Storefront Door Glass Repair in Toronto ?, Don’t Let a Broken Door Glass Disrupt Your Business ?, call Ontario Doors at 647-951-3510

Professional Frame Door Repair & Installation in Toronto

Professional Frame Door Repair & Installation in Toronto

?✨ Professional Frame Door Repair & Installation in Toronto – Available 24/7! ✨?

Professional Frame Door Repair & Installation in Toronto, Are you in search of exceptional door frame repair services in Toronto? You’re in the right place! Call us at 647-951-3510 for expert door frame repair and installation services. We’re dedicated to handling emergencies efficiently, ensuring your safety and convenience.

?️ Emergency Door Repair Services – Ready to Help Anytime!

Emergency Door Repair:

Disasters don’t wait, and neither do we. Our 24/7 emergency door repair services are here to tackle any unexpected damage, ensuring your business or home remains secure and functional.

? Boarding Services in Toronto – Your Business, Secured

Boarding Services in Toronto:

Need immediate protection for your premises? Our boarding services in Toronto offer quick, reliable solutions to safeguard your business, minimizing disruption and maximizing security.

? Comprehensive Door Solutions – Toronto and Mississauga

Door Repair and Services:

Our door services extend beyond repairs. Whether in Toronto or Mississauga, we handle everything from glass door repairs to complete door replacements with precision and professionalism.

?️ Glass Repair for Toronto Shops – Quick, Reliable Service

Glass Door Repair and Replacement:

Got a broken glass door at your shop? We offer fast, reliable glass repair and same-day replacement services to keep your Toronto business looking sharp and inviting.


From residential to commercial spaces, our full range of hardware installation services covers all your needs. We ensure each installation is performed with utmost precision and quality.

? Garage Door Services – Secure and Stylish

Garage Door Installation and Repair:

Your garage door is crucial for security and curb appeal. We offer professional garage door services, ensuring they are not only functional but also complement your property’s style.

? Storefront Door Solutions – First Impressions Count

Storefront Door Services:

Make a lasting first impression with our storefront door services. Whether you need repair or replacement, we ensure your business front is welcoming and secure. Professional Frame Door Repair & Installation in Toronto.

? Front Door and Sliding Door Services – Elegance and Efficiency

Front Door and Sliding Door Solutions:

Your home’s front and sliding doors play a key role in aesthetics and functionality. We provide expert services to keep them looking great and working smoothly.

? Patio Door Services – Blend Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Patio Door Installation and Repair:

Connect your indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly with our patio door services. Whether you need a new installation or a repair, we ensure your patio doors are both beautiful and practical. Professional Frame Door Repair & Installation in Toronto.

Commercial Front Door Glass Replacement in Toronto


ייתכן שזו תמונה של ‏טקסט שאומר '‏‎STOREFRONT ENTRY DOORS We offer same day Storefront Doors Replacements in the GTA Ontario for all doors and windows Use our trusted Door Repair service for your Call Us lome/Business 647-951-3510‎‏'‏Commercial Front Door Glass Replacement in Toronto

Have you ever walked by a store in Toronto and noticed a shattered or cracked front door glass? Not only does it put off a poor impression, but it also compromises the security of the establishment. In a bustling city like Toronto, maintaining the integrity of your commercial storefront is crucial for both aesthetics and safety. That’s where commercial front door glass replacement companies come into play. This article aims to guide you through the ins and outs of selecting the best service in the city to meet your specific needs. ??

The Importance of Timely Glass Replacement

Safety Hazards of Broken Glass

One of the most immediate concerns when it comes to broken or compromised commercial front door glass is safety. A shattered glass door is not just an eyesore; it’s a potential safety hazard that can lead to accidents or injuries. Glass shards can cause severe cuts, and a weakened door structure can result in unexpected breakage, posing a risk to employees, clients, and even passers-by.

So, timely replacement is not just about maintaining the look of your business; it’s about ensuring the well-being of everyone who interacts with your commercial space. In a bustling metropolis like Toronto, where every impression counts, keeping your entryways secure and attractive is a necessity, not a luxury. ☎️ 647-951-3510

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Glass Replacement Company

The Six Crucial Elements in Your Decision

When faced with the need for commercial front door glass replacement, it’s not just about picking any company that pops up on Google or Yelp. Here are six factors you should consider to make an informed choice:

  1. Experience: How long has the company been in the business? Experience often equates to expertise.
  2. Reviews and Ratings: What are other customers saying about their service? A high rating can be a good indicator of quality work.
  3. Cost: While you shouldn’t compromise quality for price, it’s still important to get quotes from multiple providers to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.
  4. Turnaround Time: How quickly can they get the job done? In a commercial setting, time is money.
  5. Customer Service: How responsive are they to inquiries? Excellent customer service can make the process much smoother.
  6. Warranty and After-Sales Service: What kind of warranty do they offer, and how reliable is their after-sales service?

By considering these factors, you’ll not only find a reliable service provider but also save yourself future headaches and additional costs. ?

Commercial Front Door Glass Replacement Company in Toronto

Securing Your Business with Boarding Up Services

Why Opt for Storefront Entry Doors Boarding Up Services in Toronto

If your commercial front door glass gets damaged, it can be a challenging situation to manage, especially if the replacement will take some time. This is where boarding up services come into the picture. These services provide a temporary but secure solution to protect your commercial space. In Toronto, it’s a commonly used method to ensure the safety and security of your storefront until the new glass arrives or repairs are made.

Boarding up your storefront entry doors will prevent unauthorized access, deter vandalism, and offer peace of mind while you wait for the replacement process to be completed. It’s a wise decision to have a trusted company on speed dial that offers both glass replacement and boarding up services, as this can considerably reduce your downtime. ?

The Need for Speed: Emergency Door Repairs and Same-Day Replacements

Quick Fixes for Your Business in Toronto

In the fast-paced business environment of Toronto, a broken front door glass can’t wait. Understanding the urgency, some companies offer emergency door repair and even same-day storefront glass door replacements. This rapid service ensures that your business continues to operate without significant downtime.

Opting for a company that offers quick turnarounds can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s a shattered glass caused by an unfortunate accident or wear and tear that finally took its toll, knowing that you can have it fixed on the same day gives you peace of mind. It allows you to focus on running your business rather than stressing about security vulnerabilities. For emergency services, you can reach out to Ontario Door Repair at 647-951-3510 or email us at for prompt attention. ⏰

Last Topic: Summary

Summary: Securing Your Storefront in Toronto

From understanding the importance of timely glass replacement to considering crucial factors when choosing a service provider, we’ve covered the essentials for commercial front door glass replacement in Toronto. Whether you’re looking for regular maintenance, emergency repair, or boarding up services, the key is to select a reputable, experienced company that can meet your specific needs efficiently and effectively. Remember, in a city as vibrant and competitive as Toronto, your storefront is your first impression, so make it count. ??

For more information, visit our website Ontario Door Repair or contact us at ? 647-951-3510 or ?

חיפה מתקין פרגולות עץ

חיפה מתקין פרגולות עץ

חיפה מתקין פרגולות עץ

הוסף סגנון ואופי למרחב המחיה החיצוני שלך פרגולות מוסיפות סגנון ואופי למרפסתהדשא או הגינה שלך.

חיפה מתקין פרגולות עץאנו מעצבים ובונים פרגולות מותאמות אישית המפיקות את המרב מהחלל החיצוני שלכםויוצרות סביבה חיצונית המשקפת את טעמכם האישיתוכלו למצוא את עצמכם נרגעים ונהנים מתחת לפרגולת שלכם בקיץ הזה עם כוס תה קרח קרהביום קיץ חםפרגולות יכולות להגיע בכל הגדלים והצורות כדי להתאים לטעם לסגנון ולתקציב שלךהם יכולים להוסיף לאסתטיקה של המראה החיצוני של הבית שלךכמו גם לעזור להגן עליך מפני גשם וקרני השמשבין אם זה רק אתה או כמה חברים או בני משפחהיצירת מרחב חיצוני יפה הוא המפתח למציאת זמן להירגע ולהנות מהחייםצור קשר עם מומחי הפרגולות בחיפה כדי לראות כיצד נוכל לסייע לך ביצירת החלל המושלם שלך.

עם היסטוריה עשירה החל מיוון העתיקה ורומאפרגולות שימשו זה מכבר כדי לשפר ולהרחיב את מרחבי המגורים החיצונייםמבנים אדריכליים חינניים אלה משלבים צורה ותפקודומספקים מפלט מוצל ממש בחצר האחורית שלךבגגבמרפסת או כל מקום אשר מקבל המון שמש.

שירותי הפרגולה מותאמים אישית שלנו כוללים:

פרגולות עץ ארזהמראה המסורתי הטבעי של העץ משתלב בצורה חלקה ומוסיף חמימות לחלל החיצוני שלךכשזה מגיע לעמידות בפני מזג אווירעץ ארזהוא בחירה מצוינתהוא עמיד לטחב באופן טבעי כך שאינך צריך לדאוג לגבי מריחת כימיקלים כדי לעכב את צמיחת הטחבזה גם עמיד בפני מזיקים – אנשים משתמשים בארז בארונות שלהם מסיבה כלשהיחרקים לא אוהבים את עץ הארז אז למעשה הם לא יתקרבו אל הפרגולה שלךלצד היותם ידידותיים לסביבההם גם עמידים בפני עיוותיםבחירה בעץ ארז כחומר לפרגולה שלך תבטיח שהוא יעמוד בחום הקיץ והחורף הקפואפרגולה היא השקעה שאתה רוצה ליהנות ממנה לאורך זמן ושימוש בעץ ארז עבורה יאפשר לך תכונה חיצונית נהדרת עם תחזוקה מינימלית.

פרגולות אלומיניוםמבנים נטולי תחזוקה אלה מספקים משיכה אסתטית לצד נוחותבנוסף לחוזק שלהןפרגולות אלומיניום עמידות בפני עיוותסדקים וקילוףאתה יכול גם לבחור איזה גימור אתה רוצה כדי להבטיח שהוא ישתלב עם האסתטיקה של החצר האחורית שלךאם משקל הוא אי פעם בעיהאלומיניום הוא אופציה קלה יותר מעץ ועשויה להיות בחירה טובה יותר עבור הבית שלךהשקעה בפרגולת אלומיניום היא בחירה אסתטית וזלת תחזוקה שתגרום לכם ליהנות מהחצר האחורית שלכם במשך שנים.

תוך ניצול מקסימלי של שטח חיצוניפרגולות יכולות להציע סגנוןצל ונוחותהאם אתה מוכן לשפר את החצר האחורית שלך עם פרגולה של סוככי עדןעיין בגלריה שלנו כדי לצפות בדוגמאות של הפרגולות המותאמות אישית שלנואו צור איתנו קשר עוד היום להערכתך ללא התחייבות.

פרגולה היא שיפור מדהים לכל נוףפרגולות בהתאמה אישית יכולות לספק אזור מוצל כדי למקסם את ההנאה שאתה מקבל מהשהייה בחוץ סביב הנכס שלךחברת עדן סוככים מתמחה בעיצוב ובניית פרגולותעם המומחיות שלנונוכל להגשים את פרגולת החלומות שלך בצורה היעילה ביותר.

אם אתם צריכים מתקיני פרגולות עץ מומלצים בחיפה זה הזמן להרים ☎️ 052-899-0277 

הבנת פרגולות

פרגולות בנויות עצמאיות או כמבנה צמוד לדק או באזורים אחרים של הרכושניתן לבנות אותו עם או בלי גגבהתאם לאופן השימוש בולדוגמהפרגולות קיץ ואביב משתמשות בדרך כלל במבני קורות עץניתן לבנות פרגולה עם צל מספיק כדי לשמור על הגשם והשלג בחוץ במהלך העונה הרטובהלפרגולה צמודה ניתן לבנות אותה לצד הבריכה או על דק קייםכך או כךסוככי עדן בונה פרגולות לפי המפרט המדויק של לקוחותינו.

למה אתה צריך שירותי עיצוב ובנייה של פרגולות?

עוד בתקופה הלטיניתפרגולות שימשו למטרות גןאנשים אהבו לקבל את זה לגידול ענבים וצמחים מטפסיםכיום משתמשים בפרגולות למתן צלהוא משמש גם כתכונה אסתטית נוספת לכל גינה או חצר אחוריתעבור אנשים מסוימיםהם משתמשים בפרגולות כדרך לשפר או לתקן את המאפיינים האדריכליים של מבנהניתן לעצב אותו כדי “למסגר” אזור מסוים כדי לתת לו תחושת גובה.

ללא קשר לאופן שבו תרצו להשתמש בהמתן איש מקצוע לתכנון ובניית הפרגולה שלכם היא הדרך היחידה להבטיח שהיא ממלאת את ייעודה.

Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto

Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto provides your company experience and trusted storefront hinge door repair in Toronto and surrounding areas. Take advantage of our expert and professional storefront hinge door repair, and an owner operated door company that treats your business like it was ours.

We like great prices in our exceptional customer service, and our vast knowledge of storefront hinge door repair that is customized to your specific needs. We offer full-service storefront hinge door repair, storefront hinge door hardware and installation that is second to none in Toronto.

Step up to quality storefront hinge door repair using the latest technology in door hardware and security locks. We promise you amazing service at the most affordable prices. In addition, we offer free quotes along with friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Call  647-951-3510 today for all your storefront hinge door repair needs that includes door modifications, in-stock hardware, door upgrades, door louvers, electric strikes, door locksets, panic bars, door closers and much more!

With over 20 years experience in storefront hinge door repair we’re got the knowhow to redesign, fix and repair any door system for your business or municipality. We also offer door upgrades, advanced security locks and keyless entry devices for optimum door security door night.

As you already know, Canadian winters can be very brutal, so it is crucial that your storefront hinge doors are properly sealed and secured. You can count on Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto for fast and full-service storefront hinge door repair when you need it most. You can depend on our knowledge and expertise for any storefront hinge door repair job either large or small, and we’ll give you an honest quote at the best possible price guaranteed. Some of the most common storefront hinge door repair we see includes:


  • Correctly modify the existing opening to accept better locks, door closers, exit devices, automatic operators, etc.
  • Easily change the swing of an existing door(s)
  • Bring your facility into full compliance with all fire, safety & handicap code regulations


  • Modify your existing wood door(s) to accept window kits or new door hardware


  • We also repair existing aluminum doors by and can add a new closers and hinges


  • Experienced storefront hinge door repair professionals assist you with the proper door hardware solution for your individual needs


  • We also can retrofit your existing doors to accept auto operators, door closers and door openers


Whether you are securing one door or multiple doors we combine the best security and access controls that are fully compliant with all local and state codes and requirements

For the best storefront hinge door repair service from the most experienced, professional, courteous, and friendly technicians, please give Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto a call today. Our service experts will repair all types of operators, doors, and replacement parts! Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto has the highest quality installation, operators, and door accessories in Toronto. We provide the best value for all storefront hinge and industrial related products and services. We only provide top quality, dependable products.

Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto has been serving customers since 2000. We have become the number one choice for storefront hinge door needs in Toronto. We specialize in automatic entry, various types of overhead door repair for existing doors, and sales of new doors, operators and accessories.

We take pride in our storefront hinge door repair service with prompt and courteous professional specialists who will repair your problem, anywhere, any day, any time! All of our storefront hinge door repair technicians are employees of Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto and are trained to meet our very high quality standards. Ask about our warranties on all our storefront hinge products. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers that have trusted Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto.

24-Hour Service

We set a high standard for customer service, quality work, and quality of parts used. Our professional service technicians are well trained and available 24/7. We also carry replacement parts for most storefront hinge doors.

Quick and efficient

We have the most cutting edge utility vehicles equipped specifically for bringing you the quickest service in the industry. Our vehicles are pre-equipped with all tools and parts required to repair any storefront hinge door. We can repair most doors the same day!

Emergency Service

Stuck in the garage? Door off the hinges? Need door glass replacement? We understand how important it is to be able to receive service right away. If you need service today call Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto at  647-951-3510 right now!



Count on Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto to deliver quality storefront hinge door products with industry-leading expertise

  • High Security Key Duplication
  • Master Key Systems
  • Re-keys
  • Locks 
  • Door Hardware
  • Exit Devices
  • Door Closers
  • Weather Stripping
  • New Frames and Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • Metal / Steel Doors
  • Continuous Hinges
  • Repairs
  • Weekly and Bi-weekly Service Contracts
  • Prompt, Same-Day Service


Complete fire door installation and repair for all components of your fire-rated door. We GUARANTEE your fire door will comply with all fire codes.

  • Fire Door Installation
  • Fire Door Inspections & Repairs
  • Weekly and Bi-Weekly Service Contracts
  • Frames
  • Closers
  • Fire Glass
  • Hinges
  • Smoke Seals
  • Latches

We service all manual doors including associated hardware, panic devices, closers, and hinges. The major brands include Record, Stanley, Boon Edam, Horton, Nabco, Hunter, Assa Abloy, Von Duprin, Precision, Detex, and more.

Our standard services and repairs include emergency repair service, parts sales and service.

Customers depend on doors to help secure their facility 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year. When a facility is damaged as a result of a natural disaster or other unforeseen event, customers rely on Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto to respond quickly. Our services include securing a facility’s doors and windows, assessing damage, and beginning repairs immediately. Our extensive inventory, strong relationships with suppliers, and Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto’s experienced service technicians get the material and manpower to the facility site quickly so both people and property are safe and secure.

Storefront Hinge Door Repair Toronto

Why Choose Us

  • Open For Over 20 Years
  • Over 60 Years of Combined Experience
  • Second Generation Comprehensive Door Company
  • Friendly Sales Team 
  • Providing Maintenance and Repair

We help business owners who need timely, professional service avoid hidden fees with trained technicians who care about repairing their storefront hinge door the first time, with premium products to last them a lifetime.  647-951-3510

Toronto Lock Change

Toronto Lock Change

Toronto Lock Change, We are the leading provider of locksmith services in Toronto. A business or place of residence cannot feel safe and secure when your locks and security are not as safe as they could be. Lock Change Toronto can help you achieve the level of security that you need for your commercial space. We are concerned about the safety and security of your business and want you to be completely satisfied. If you are looking for the largest mobile locksmith in Toronto, you’ve absolutely reached the right place. Work with the most professional, trusted, and honest locksmiths. Our technicians offer you the most efficient assistance that you can find, especially when it comes to working in commercial and residential services

Professional locksmiths serving Toronto, and the GTA since 1999. Retail and mobile service for home and business, including access control, lock installation and repair, rekeying, master key systems, and safe sales and service.

We work on virtually anything with a lock, from antiques to electronics … We can copy keys at our retail store, install access control in your office tower and everything in between.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your most unusual lock problems!  647-951-3510


Lock Change Toronto is the leading automotive locksmith Toronto. Since we opened our doors we have specialized in all makes and models of car keys. From basic car keys like Honda or Toyota to more advanced car keys like BMW and Mercedes. We are your go to car locksmith, but not only for car keys. We also specialize in all car lockouts, lock re-keys, and some security systems. Our automotive division is open 24/7.

  • Car Door Unlocking
  • Computer Chip Keys Programmed
  • Emergency Lockouts
  • Ignitions Repaired or Replaced
  • Keys Made
  • Locks Changed
  • Locks Re-Keyed
  • Transponder Keys Made
  • Trunks Unlocked or Opened
  • Electronic Locks Installed or Repaired
  • Locks Repaired


Lock Change Toronto, is the leading commercial locksmith service in Toronto. From basic commercial lock changes to rekeying commercial locks we are here to help you. We are open 24/7 for all your emergency and non-emergency commercial locksmith services. From enhancing the security throughout the store, to installing high security locks, we do it all. Do not hesitate to call us today.

  • Door Hardware and Installation
  • Emergency Lockouts
  • Key Control Systems
  • Locks Changed
  • Locks Re-Keyed
  • Locks Repaired
  • Locksmith Services
  • Safe Combinations Change
  • Safes Opened
  • Access Control Systems
  • Electronic Locks Installed or Maintained
  • Keycard Systems
  • Safes Repaired


We are your Toronto residential locksmith, providing high quality locks with great service to better protect your home. The locks we use are competitively priced. Moreover, as your residential locksmith Toronto, we make sure our locks are superior in quality than other locks you might find at your local hardware store. You won’t have to worry about burglars breaking in, once we are finished securing your home.

  • Door Hardware and Installation
  • Electronic Locks Installed and Maintained
  • High Security Locks
  • Houses Unlocked or Opened
  • Key Control Systems
  • Keys Made
  • Locks Changed
  • Locks Re-Keyed
  • Locks Repaired
  • Locksmith Services
  • Safe Combinations Changed
  • Safes Opened
  • Safes Repaired
  • Access Control Systems
  • Home Security Surveys

Commercial Lock Rekeying

Moving into a new office or building, lost a set of keys or have been burgled, or former employees have keys which give them access to your property, commercial lock rekeying is likely the most affordable solution. Our fully trained locksmith professional in Toronto and licensed locksmiths can visit your business and carry out an expert lock rekeying service, giving you a new set of keys and full security for your business.

Residential Lock Rekeying Toronto

Moving into a new apartment or home and concerned that previous tenants may have keys to your apartment, or your keys have been lost or stolen, our residential lock rekeying services offer a fast and affordable lock rekey resolution. Our licensed locksmith in Toronto will come to your home, and professionally rekey your locks. We will then provide a new set of keys to fit the lock, and old keys will no longer work. We can create a master key that opens and unlock all your locks with the same key if needed.

Lock Change Toronto provides lock rekeying and lock change services for major lock types and lock brands including, but not limited to:

  • Medeco Locks
  • Schlage Locks
  • Hercular Deadbolts  Lock
  • Top Guards Lock
  • Double Sided Deadbolts
  • Jimmy Proof Deadlocks
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Office Locks
  • Shackle Protectors
  • Sliding Bolts
  • Padlocks
  • Removable Locks
  • Sliding Bolts
  • Baldwin Locks
  • Mul-T-Lock Locks
  • Assa Abloy Locks
  • Emtek Locks
  • Stanley locks
  • Omnia Locks
  • Kwikset Locks
  • Yale Locks

Why choose us for Lock Change service?


Over a period of time, we have created and crafted a solid reputation based on the years of exemplary services pertaining to a range of lock change operations. Not only does our expert team arrive on time but it exceeds the expectations of the customers by undertaking detailed repairs of both the doors and windows.

All-round service:

Lock Change Toronto uses a multi-dimensional approach to resolve the locksmith problems. Customized installation options are available with us for offices and homes. Right from magnetic to the keypad lock, our extremely capable professionals can set up a wide range of locks quickly. What’s more, you can also get valuable lock change suggestions on replacement of the old lock systems with new and advanced versions in the industry.

Talented team:

In addition to state of the art technology tools, we have an equally talented team of security professionals ready to deliver accurate solutions to the users. They are experienced, qualified, trained and motivated to take on locksmith challenges day in and day out.


 We deliver impeccable quality as compared to other vendors but it doesn’t mean that we charge sky high prices for our lock change services. On the contrary, we are pretty affordable and can give a run for money to any company located in Toronto.

 24/7 service:

 Our professionals are available 24/7 at the disposal of the clients locked in an emergency situation.

Quality products:

 Whatever we replace or install at the clients premises, belongs to reputed brands and is backed by the solid warranty of the manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on not only providing fast and affordable service, but professional locksmith service. Our mobile locksmith technicians have the experience, knowledge and tools to do the job right.


We provide an itemized written quote so you know what you can expect to pay for the locksmith service you need.


We are committed to providing exceptional locksmith services at a clear and affordable process. If you’re not satisfied with the work performed, call us and we will work with you to resolve any issues.


Lock Change Toronto specializes in providing fast & affordable automotive, residential & commercial locksmith services. The goal of Lock Change Toronto is to offer fast mobile response time, exceptional locksmith service, all at low affordable rates.  647-951-3510

Toronto Door Unlocked

Toronto Door Unlocked

The next time you have a door unlock situation or any other locksmith issue you can call us at  647-951-3510.

Toronto Door Unlocked has been in the business of locks and security for the past 2 decades. With an increasing number of clients seeking help from our expert locksmiths, we realized that most of our client calls are related to small issues like missing keys, lock repairs, lock installations, among others. Common issues like door unlocks are addressed with the same sense of urgency as other complicated locksmith issues. We, at Toronto Door Unlocked, have been in the business of delivering security and locksmith services professionally to residential and commercial clients in Toronto for a long time now. Small or big security issues, we solve them all at Toronto Door Unlocked.  647-951-3510.

Emergency Locksmith Near Me Toronto – Toronto Door Unlocked

Emergency situations can crop up at any time or anywhere. Never have they been bound by time or space, and we at Toronto Door Unlocked comprehend the nature of emergency locksmith situations just as they are. Imagine being stranded out of your car during the mid-night in a lonely parking lot. Does that hit your stomach in ways it ever shouldn’t? Although such situations may keep you on your feet when they happen in movies, when they occur in reality, they are a far cry from being a pleasant experience. 

Our locksmithing firm was established over 2 decades ago with an objective to provide safety and security in the Toronto area. Lockout issues such as the one mentioned above can be a great personal security threat apart from being truly exhaustible. Owing to this fact, we extend our professional emergency locksmith services to all the dwellers in the Toronto area. From resolving lockout issues to performing eviction services, we do it all with acquired skills and a wide base of knowledge. 

Toronto Door Unlocked owns and operates a large fleet of state-of the-art mobile locksmith vans, which makes it possible for us to serve our clients in every nook and corner in the Toronto area. Whether you avail our services at 2 am in the morning or on holidays, we would never fail to attend to your locksmith needs. With a fully equipped fleet of mobile vans, we have made it possible to rise up to the topmost position in the industry. Our vehicles are stocked with cutting-edge tools, which enable us to be your one stop solution for all your locksmith needs. With one call, we would arrive at your place and quickly resolve all the locksmith issues with ease! 

Want to craft spare keys? Would you like to fix your broken locks? Seems like something is off with your locking mechanisms? Worry not about any lock issue when we are around the corner to serve you efficiently. 

Here are our foremost emergency locksmith services:

  • Effective resolutions for emergency lockouts
  • Mobile locksmith vehicles’ assistance 
  • Eviction services 
  • Broken keys extraction 
  • Ignition system repairs
  • Replacement of locks
  • Laser key-cutting services 
  • High-security locks installation 
  • Door repairs for 24/7 
  • Changing old locks codes 
  • Lockout assistance for all 
  • Quick opening of cabinets, doors and safes 
  • Lock repair services 
  • Trunk unlocking service with zero damage
  • Crafting of transponder keys 

And more!

Want to know why Toronto Door Unlocked are called the number one emergency service providers? Then, just dial our number  647-951-3510 and with one call, we will prove that no one can beat us when it comes to providing quality and affordable locksmith services!

24 Hour Assistance

Lockouts can happen anytime, and anywhere, at homes, offices or even with vehicles. We offer 24 hour services, all through the year. Our emergency vans are ready to leave on your call. Our mobile van will come to your doorstep equipped with the best technology, tools and our finest men who can rescue you from a dangerous lockout situation or assist you in gaining access to your home through a simple door unlock.

Budget-friendly solutions

A lot of our clients tell us that they have often been fleeced by local locksmiths for getting simple things done like door unlocks. We, at Toronto Door Unlocked, make sure that our clients are not overcharged and maintain a standard list of services that have fixed prices irrespective of location and time of service delivery. To make sure that clients receive quality services at the most affordable rates has always been the prerogative of Toronto Door Unlocked.

Fastest Locksmiths

When you realize that you are left locked out of your house or can’t access your office space or maybe just can’t get out of your vehicle, you realize that you might need a locksmith really fast. Toronto Door Unlocked’s team of locksmiths and engineers are the fastest locksmiths, not only in terms of reaching your distress location but even in terms of offering solutions in the fastest way possible at the most affordable prices.

For more than twenty years, we have been servicing this industry and have solved more than thousands of locksmith issues. We are dedicated to providing not just door unlock service, but also key and door replacement, installation, re-keying and other services. 

Why Choose Us? 

At Toronto Door Unlocked we use top leading brands with quality parts you can trust. Our goal is safety and security, your Trusted choice for Locks . You deserve our best door unlock services . Invest in our promise of protection, our door unlock service is one call away. We are the first defense for your family’s protection & safety, no compromises with your life’s security. When you choose our Locksmith Services.

Our skills are not limited to just Keys & Locks. Our technicians are also highly skilled Automotive Locksmiths. Not only that we are mobile & we drive to you making the Key & Programing it Onsite! Any Car Any Key No Problem.

Our Services:

– 24/7 Emergency Service

– unlock any door

– Car Lockout & Battery Jump Start

– Commercial & Residential Lockouts

– Lock Re-key & Change

– Master Key Systems

– Keyless Solutions

– And much more!

At Toronto Door Unlocked, we know what it’s like to be in a critical locksmith situation such as door lockouts. Emergencies can arise at any given time, and are completely unpredictable. This is why we offer 24/7 locksmith services to our clients. As we extend our unlock door services to our clients in the finest manner in the Toronto area, you can call us for assistance at any given moment!

Whatever be your locksmith problem, always remember that the solution is just a call away!

The next time you have a door unlock situation or any other locksmith issue you can call us at  647-951-3510.

Front Porch Builders Toronto

Front Porch Builders Toronto


Front Porch Builders Toronto, The contractors at Best Choice Deck Builders can design and construct the porch that you’ve dreamed of and guarantee it will match your style, reflect your personality, and fulfill the purpose you want it for. The first step is to decide which kind of porch you would like.✔️ WE CAN TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR DECKING NEEDS, FROM WOOD DECKS TO COMPOSITE DECKS – 647-955-5320

Open Porches

If you want to be outdoors but prefer protection from the sun or rain, an open porch might be the best compromise. You’ll get the benefit of unrestricted airflow while still being covered. Covered porches also allow you to have other amenities uncovered spaces can’t, such as fans and televisions. Front Porch Builders Toronto.

Screened Porches

If you want to take the weather protection one step further, a screened porch might be a good idea. You’ll not only be protected from the sun or rain, but having screens will keep bugs, like mosquitoes and flies out.

There are a variety of screen options you can choose from. Some offer UV protection, others offer more privacy. We can discuss all of this with you during your complimentary consultation.

Our team is fully trained, licensed, and certified in all areas of porch designing and building. We can discuss with you what you’re looking for and will happily offer our opinion and recommendations.


Ready to learn more about our porch design and construction services? Best Choice Deck Builder can’t wait to show you what we can do. We offer over 22 years of experience and have completed over 121,000 projects.

All of that experience and knowledge will be brought to your porch construction project. Best of all, we back our services with the best warranties in the industry.


With years of experience, Toronto Deck Builders can build your outdoor living space with state-of-the-art techniques and materials. You might feel our budget is too high, but consider adding a hardscape and wood feature to your outdoor space.

In addition to your patio, ensuring that you have appropriate landscaping may be vital to you. If cost is an issue, you should evaluate concrete patios as they can often be cheaper than traditional paving stones or other building materials.

Do you want to create a space that is cozy and inviting? Consider building a porch on your home!

A porch can be an extension of your living room, adding another outdoor area for entertaining.

A porch can also provide additional storage or access to the attic. And if you decide to add stairs, it could even become a basement entrance.

Patios are the best place to relax after a long day.

A patio should be designed in such a way that it gives you the maximum amount of space and light. Patio design is not something you can do on your own, so make sure to hire someone who knows what they’re doing! Toronto  Deck Builders is the best solution for your deck building and patio needs.

Front Door Replacement Toronto

The Most Popular Doors Replacement in Toronto

Front Door Replacement Toronto

Front Door Replacement Toronto, There are many options for replacement doors in Toronto. A lot of the times, it is difficult to decide which one to choose. This article will help you to understand the most popular doors for replacement in Toronto and what they have to offer.

There are many options for replacement doors in Toronto and it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your home or business. This article will help you to understand the most popular doors for replacement in Toronto and what they have to offer.

doors replacement Toronto-Installing a new front door

Doors are delicate mechanisms that must be installed with care and precision. They also require a great deal of time and effort. However, installing a new door is worth the trouble for a number of reasons. First, your old door may be damaged and no longer safe to use. Second, it may not match the style of your home or the style you want to project when visitors arrive.

How to Find the Best Front Door Replacement Toronto Services

There are many companies that offer door replacement services in Toronto. It is important for you to find the best company for your project because you want to make sure that your new doors will be installed correctly and not cause any damage to your home. Front Door Replacement Toronto.

The best way to find the right company is by conducting an online search. You can also ask friends or family members if they know of a company that offers door replacement services in Toronto.

A New Door for the Old House?

In the past, people would use a front door for their home. However, as time went on, many people opted to replace the front door with a sliding glass door. In this article, we will explore what it would be like if people replaced their old front doors with new sliding glass doors.

The idea of replacing your old front door with a new one is not really new. There are many reasons why people might want to replace their old doors. Some might want to change the style of their house or want more privacy for their guests and family members. Others might be looking for a way to get rid of bad memories or even just want to upgrade the look of their house without spending too much money on renovations.

A New Era for Old Doors

front door replacement Toronto, wooden doors, Front Door Replacement Toronto

The front door has been around for a very long time. However, with the evolution of technology, the front door is now being replaced with a new era of doors.

The front door has been around for a very long time and it is still used today. It was originally designed to be an entryway from the outside world to your home or business. This was then extended to include privacy by using curtains or blinds on the windows.

While this design still works today, it becomes more challenging as technology evolves and consumers have more options when it comes to choosing their front door design. As a result, many people are looking into replacing their old doors with new ones that are more modern and attractive.